A Warm Welcome

Welcome, welcome

You’re free to come

The journal of masterpieces

That can take away diseases


Enter the magical world of literature! Read the wonderful masterpieces we’d made. You’ll truly love the art of literature. 🙂


Admins: Elijah James Banuelos, Mareanne Gabrylle Saliot, Patricia Jeanne Cesar, John Philip Eromon, and John Aaron Plasabas


A Smile to Tears

Patricia Jeanne Cesar

Oh! The cute brown animal jumped to me

Licking my face seems like longing for love

Hug me tight, play with me, Oh my honey

I consider him as a gift from above.


Her eyes is gray, sparkles and I love it

She is small but terrible that’s make me proud

She’s playing in her drums and make bit

Glove bark and bark, it’s too noisy and  loud


Glove is sleeping well, feels like she’s angel

Now she is dreaming, dreaming so much fed

Her expression turns scared, I maid giggle

“Goodnight, Glove! I love you so much,” I said.


When she woke up, she runs–open the door

And I saw poachers catch glove–very poor

Moth in the Darkness

Mareanne Gabrylle V. Saliot 

Down in the darkness, a moth was flying

Brown wings with black spots spread in the cold air

All alone, he saw a magical thing

Giving him a nice and beautiful stare


He then remembered what his mother said

About the mystical thing called the fire

‘Twas shining, glittering and color red

Burning things for as long as it desire


The moth wanted to have a clearer look

Into the eye of the undiscovered

So the moth fly no matter what it took

But fire burned him alive as he hovered


His body and wings turn to black ashes

Then the moth fell, deep down in the darkness

A Cry for Justice

Elijah James Banuelos

I twisted my neck to the face of wilderness

Riveted on the walls of dismantled happiness

Fixing the wound of my broken serenity

Drowning on a haunted lake of restless agony

Living in a grotto of endless morbidity


Listening to the clamour of a suffering soul

Rendering the frozen crust of my abandoned goal

Hovering around was the spirit of malignance

Beseeching for the lost certainty of benevolence


Wake up! Run! Go away! This is just a dream!

Let it go, I want the sun’s gleam!

A Boat on Land

Elijah James Banuelos

Shining in the dark, the sun is rising

Gleaming—I’ll be travelling everywhere

Raising my feet on a flat steel, smiling

A wheeled object attached with a glare


A soft lengthy seat I’ve found, side by side

Rusted ceiling owns a hanger-holder

Fast wind is slapping me  in a fast ride

The sidewalks are in a tidy manner


The harsh creepy beat of the music

It’s makes me sick and driving me crazy

Passengers’ gossips, I’d like to mimic

It had broken my precious serenity


Feet in the asphalt, There’s something I feel

Oh my dear, I forgot to pay my bill!

A Magical Substance

John Aaron Plasabas

A small droplet of water-like substance

That comes through twists and squeeze from a cow’s breast

That seems so tasty even at a distance

That anyone who drink it will be pleased.


As white as snow and as rich as the earth

As pure as gold and as clean as silk

Everyone drinks it, even after birth

even if they’re sick, they would always drink


Splashes, splashes bumped from the glass of it

As if the  glass were grabbed by the hands of men

Sparkles, sparkles come from the glass of it

 And it makes him feels like he’s superman


Got by thy drinker to the hands of his

As he grows through thy milk like hearts of fists.

A Little Lance

John Philip Eromon

Unique body that has a pointed tail,

Wondering if I will pricked by it,

Gazing carefully while pushing, like nail,

Still I’m pricked by it, like it wants to beat.


When, I push it in the bulletin board,

i often wonder if I will be pricked.

A pin that has a head, but like a sword,

Like a marble that gloss and has a stick.


Itchy feeling when it touches my skin,

Makes me feel being tickled by a point.

Pin whose head is large, and its tail is thin,

Parts joined together, and never disjoint.


After being pricked, I was shocked to see,

Blood was gushing out from a part of me.